Manipulators Are After Your Brand

Your first line of defence to mitigate risk, and maximize opportunity. is powerful, AI-Augmented analytics enterprise solution providing whole-web news, media and content intelligence with realtime analysis within 10 seconds.

You can’t stop disinformation and manipulation campaigns, no one can.

But with you can minimize their impact and plan your course of action.

Malicious actors are mimicking real people to impact a narrative at scale. With the powerful ability to differentiate between human and inorganic, or fake accounts, is the defense you need to act against both generative AI disinformation campaigns as well as human-generated to understand their spread, reach, and impact on shareholders, consumer trust, and more.

Detect, Analyze, Protect

Reducing Time to Action and Insight

Reduce the time to Insight through KoatGPT.

Navigate an uncertain environment with unparalleled clarity into the data through KoatGPT. Our Smart Summary System gives you an edge by digesting mind-blowing amounts of data and distilling market intelligence into a digestible summary that’s both insightful and time-saving.

The online environment grows more complex by the second, with generative AI and fake accounts causing a sea change for analysis and intelligence software. Augmented Intelligence is needed in the domain of disinformation, sentiment and influence.