Know when your

message is being

hijacked. heard. altered. boosted. bought. suppressed. adopted. manipulated.

koat uncovers and signals when manipulated sentiment attempts to disrupt your brand.

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Uncover opportunity in data from across the metaverse.

Utilizing AI and ML, we analyze up to 100,000,000 points of conversation to monitor your brand and expose potential manipulation.

Quantified emotion.

Sentiment is more than postive and negative. koat’s granular sentiment resolution uncovers the nuance of true market sentiment in near real time.

Anomaly exposure.

We algorithmically identify outliers in conversational patterns to expose potential manipulation and signal changes from the norm that you need to be aware of.

Influence identification.

Know exactly who is particiapting in the converstion and what their impact is. Understand the true magnitude of an author’s reach.

What is


Manipulation is a shift in the conversation from the norm. Positive or negative, artificial or organic, from a single author’s impact, or swings in sentiment powered by cultural movements, we see the opportunity.

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