Detect, analyze, protect for virtually any business, in any vertical.

Social Monitoring

Track social media and news sources for emerging trends, public sentiment, and potential issues or opportunities. 

Market and Consumer Research

Go beyond simply classifying posts as positive or negative and extract the actual emotions people are expressing, like joy, anger, or sadness.

Competitive Analysis

Monitor competitors’ presence and performance on social platforms, analyzing customer sentiment about them.

Content Generation

Creating content that resonates with the current sentiment of the target audience.

Brand Protection and Risk Management

Koat can help identify potential crises in real-time.



Manage and Respond to the Narrative. deliver real consumer sentiment and understanding on disinformation campaigns to give you actionable feedback and offer insight into predicting the needs of your consumer and combat manipulation.

public figures


Understand Influence with Detailed Resolution. helps get real and immediate audience sentiment on perception, influence and authorship to better understand and adapt to real popular opinion. Understand if manipulation is moving the needle and defend your image.



Be Alerted to Disruption and Events in Real-Time. identifies anomolies and actively learns and identifies emerging threats so you can manage the security of your organization and conversations around it.



Unlock The Power of Narrative Economics. quantifies the impact conversations, and manipulators have on the market to deliver actionable insights, adding another lens to traders and trading applications to give them an edge in the global markets.