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Marketing + Communications

Understanding your real audience is key to creating, executing and learning from strategies and campaigns in today’s fast paced world. We help make sense of the sea of data and turn it into action with real-time intelligence and clear, automated insights.

With threat shield, help champion and protect your brand from rogue narratives, high-reach influencers and competing brand positions. With Media Intel, be confident in knowing exactly what your customer is saying about your brand and how they feel. With KoatGPT, stop wasting time coming through data and get right to actionable strategies and insight.
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Real Audience Insight.

Parse whats coming from actual humans, and whats not.

Real Customer Confidence

Leverage our powerful CRS benchmark in brand trust.

Granular Emotion and Sentiment.

Understand the nuance of any content, anywhere.

Risk Management

There are innumerable threats lurking under the surface, your ability to detect, understand and act is vital. We supercharge your risk management pipeline through anomaly identification and severity, coupled with real-time intelligence so you can take action rapidly.

With Threat Shield, be ready and confident in knowing what is coming your way and how severe it is likely to be. With Media Intel, understand the impact of threats on real people, conversations and opinions. With KoatGPT, reduce your time to action so you can move confidently in real-time.
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Manipulation + Disinformation.

Understand whats real, and whats fabricated to drive discord.

Anomaly Alerts.

Leverage AI in uncovering changes to the status quo that are likely to cause concern.

Influencer Identification.

Understand the loudest voices, what they’re saying and what to do about it.

Business Strategy

When the success or failure of your business relies on informed decision making, it’s crucial that your data is accurate and actionable. We bring clarity to threats, understanding of your operating environment, and allow you to stay ahead of your competition.

With Threat Shield, identify risks and opportunities as the emerge. With Media Intel, track the performance of your strategy in real time, and enable flexibility if the need to pivot is identified. With KoatGPT, spend more time implementing and less time analyzing.
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Custom Reporting.

Get the right information, ready for action.

Purified Data.

Act on what’s real, understand whats not.

Monitor Strategy Success.

Get real-time insight into how things are working.

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